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USMCA Intellectual Property Drives North American Competitiveness

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Fact Sheet

USMCA Is A Win For America’s Small Businesses

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Fact Sheet

United States International Trade Commission

Summary of the data provided by the U.S. International Trade Commission

USMCA Coalition Official Press Release

Read the Press Release announcing the USMCA Coalition launch

AdvaMed: Support the USMCA

The USMCA has achieved almost all of the industry priorities identified when the NAFTA renegotiation was launched in 2017. Read more here.

API: Energy Benefits of USMCA

The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) would play a critical role supporting and growing North American energy integration, interdependence and energy security. Read the fact sheet here.

Measuring the Economic Impact of USMCA

Measuring the economic impact of USMCA is unlike anything the ITC has been asked to do regarding other trade agreements because typical ITC reports examine new trade agreements, not changes to existing trade agreements. Read the infographic here.

USMCA Supports U.S. Leadership in the Digital Economy

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Fact Sheet

Congressional ratification of the USMCA is essential to maintaining U.S. competitiveness, economic health.

Read the Border Trade Alliance Resource Document

Manufacturers Urge Passage of the USMCA

Learn how congressional passage of USMCA will help manufacturers grow in the US, compete globally and support millions of jobs.

AdvaMed: International Trade Infographic

America’s medical technology companies support global trade agreements that open markets and create economic opportunities for Americans.

Read the infographic here.

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Fact Sheet

With 7,000 medicines in development across the globe, strong trade agreements are vital to facilitating global access to innovative treatments and fueling tomorrow’s new medicines and cures. Read the fact sheet here.

Expanding Free Trade in North America with USMCA

The U.S. dairy industry urges Congress to ratify the USMCA treaty that will make significant improvements in the U.S. dairy access to the Canadian market and restore assurance in the U.S.-Mexico trade relationship.

Fast Facts: U.S. Trade with Canada and Mexico

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Fact Sheet

National Association of Manufacturers: North American Trade

Canada and Mexico purchase more manufactured goods from the United States than our next 10 foreign country partners combined. Read more here.

American Chemistry Council Fact Sheet

How the USMCA strengthens U.S. chemical manufacturing competitiveness. Read the fact sheet here.

AdvaMed, AMID, and MEDEC Joint Communique

The medical technology associations of the U.S., Mexico and Canada applaud  achievement of the USMCA and urge legislative approval of the USMCA in all three countries. Read more here.

API: North American Energy

The American Petroleum Institute highlights how today’s highly integrated and interdependent North American energy markets benefit the United States. Read the fact sheet here.

The Trucking Industry Urges Congress to Ratify the USMCA

The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement will help the trucking industry maintain market access and continuity of cross-border operations. Not only is it good for the industry, it’s good for the economy.

Blog Posts

Next Steps for North American Trade

President Donald Trump, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and now former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto signed the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) on November 30.

5 Reasons We Support the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement

Alongside more than 200 companies and associations, the Chamber and its partners are launching the USMCA Coalition.

USMCA: Supercharging Digital Trade For American Businesses and Workers

North America’s digital trade framework may soon get its first reboot in more than a quarter century.

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